(Palms Beauty Phase 3, was hosted on thewhitepube.co.uk , 2018)

Thanks to Gab & Zarina for believing in me :)

Welcome to Palms Beauty: Phase 3 The Revival 

Please wear headphones.


the questions: 

1) What does your hair mean to you?

2) In what ways do you protect your hair?

3) How does your hair make you feel?

The videos are below and can be played on phone & desktop. Please if you wish to share this, make sure you send them to me on instagram to get the password.

 Let's trust each other. 🔑

Please wear headphones & find a quiet space.


(Intro into Palms Beauty Phase 3)

Emma, Ipswich

Joy  Yamusangie, London

Aisha, London

Olive, Washington, D.C.

Aweng, LA

Amber-Simone, London

theothererror20091994, Liverpool

Emily, London

Simone, London

Logan, New Orleans

Rih rih, London

Pamela, Birmingham

Saffron, London

Raine, London

Lizzy, Grenada

Aly, London

Evette, Birmingham

Thanks again to everyone who was involved on this project.

This exhibition will stay on here 




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