Before you go to sleep could you please fill the survey below.  'the dream you last had' or 'dream you wish for' will have impact on the secret show coming soon. 
Some stories may be shared publicly so be aware :) 
The instagram is ____sanctuary_____ for all things regarding this show. 
Thank you!
Thank you dreamer for making your way through the Sanctuary. I hope you enjoyed this experience with me.
Sanctuary is a tribute to my grandparents. A show that brings back memories of sitting with them in front of the TV, lost in my drawings while daydreaming. Their constant reminder was that as long as you find joy in what you're doing, nothing can disturb you.
I wanna say a big shout out to my friend J for letting me use their computer to complete this show.
I hope this show gave you a needed break from the algorithms.  
I extend my heartfelt thanks once again for your continuous support. Picture this as the moment after you've explored a museum and you're contemplating leaving a tip. In our situation, your contribution goes directly to the artist. If you found the experience enjoyable, please don't hesitate to provide a tip of any amount you're comfortable with. Stay tuned for upcoming activities. See my links below.
x Noiamreiss
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